Write Your Winning E$$ay

Cesar E. Chávez Leadership Conference – March 8, 2019

College Dreams:

http://collegedreams.org/ (for current high school students)

Southern Oregon Latino Scholarship Fund:

http://www.solsf.org/ (deadline March 1)

Oregon Student Aid:

http://oregonstudentaid.gov/scholarships-statements-essays.aspx (two out of four questions same as SOLSF!)

RCC Foundation:

http://foundation.roguecc.edu/node/14 (same essay questions as Oregon Student Aid!)

Goals for today:

  1. Write a rough draft of your essay to show to teachers, friends, family and anyone else who will read it and help you improve it!
  2. Print a copy of your rough draft as well as email the text to yourself for easy revising later.
  3. Begin learning how word-processing software, the grammar checker as well as spellcheck, can help you make your final essay flawless!